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Jeffrey Yang

Sifu Jeffrey Yang has been involve in ngo cho since 1975 and has been a very active and serious student under the late Sifu Lo King Hui.

He has been a member of Kong Han Athletic Club from 1975 - 1978. In 1978 due to economic necessity coach Jeffrey Yang migrated to the USA where he become a successful restaurant operator.

Jeffrey Yang is also a feng sui teacher train under master Yap Ching Hai. From the day Jeffrey Yang migrated to the USA in 1978 he has never abandone his roots and training ngo cho kun.

At present with the blessing and permission of headmaster Henry Lo, son of Sifu Lo King Hui of Philippine Kong Han Athletic Club and with the assistance of Sifu Dan Kun, Sifu Jeff have started to teach ngo cho kun in his community.

In April 9, 2011 Sifu Jeffrey Yang became a member of Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu Assn. of Canada (North America) his outstanding contribution, achivement in the advancement of ngo cho kun kung fu since 2004, his display of dedication, maturity and loyalty has earned him the 7th O-Duan from the association.

Jeff Yang and his studio have been featured in numerous local and national publications. Learn More >>