Self Defense Classes

Learn Powerful, Simple Techniques, to Escape or Disable an Attacker
Build Self Confidence and be Prepared
Learn your options and reactions if you are attacked

This is a martial arts training class, taught by Sifu Jeff Yang (7 Duan). You will complete the class in 4 weeks, classes are 1 hour every Sunday for 4 consecutive weeks. *

Now's the time to take charge, this is your chance to learn hot to protect yourself and your famiily. Attacks happen, don't be the victim. Sifu Jeff Yang will teach you a variety of practical techniques that can be applied to multiple situations

What are my natural weapons and target
Have you ever felt intimidated, scared or frightened when you are walking alone?
How can I keep from panicking if I am being choked or attacked
What if someone grabs me from behind or grabs my arms?
What do I do if someone pulls my hair from the back or front

**Realtors, Bankers and Insurance Agents are among the occupations who could benefit from this class, meeting clients privately.

YOU will be better prepared!
YOU will know that you are able to protect yourself!

*$100.00 for 4 weeks (1 hour per week consecutive) No makeup classes

Sifu Jeff Yang also teaches Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qui Gong & Weapons Learn more>>>
Sifu Jeff Yang has been featured in Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine- July/Aug 2009 and Inside Kung Fu Magazine Oct 2007/2010